The Only Way Out is Through

The Eleventh Hour Initiative (TEHI) was formed in 2010 by the artist now known as ‘The Mercurial Number Six‘ and Bill Ryan.

The Mercurial Number Six is a singer-songwriter based in England.  He is responsible for the majority of TEHI’‘s music and is the band’s producer and artwork director.

Bill Ryan resides in America and was once signed to the Hawaii label ‘F.O.S. Records’.  He went on to form The Singularities and enjoys scoring indie films as well as having a wealth of solo material under his belt.  Bill  contributes music to TEHI, but his main focus is lyrics and vocals.

The band released its debut album ‘Escapism‘ in fall 2011.  In July of 2012 the 2 song EP ‘In Transition‘ was released.  TMN6 and Bill are currently working on the follow-up to ‘Escapism‘ which currently has the working title ‘The Only Way Out is Through‘.