The Only Way Out is Through


THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH (2016) – The new album by TEHI


ESCAPISM (2011) – The debut album by TEHI

“In the end, ‘Escapism’ didn’t turn out to be a concept album, but it certainly has a central theme. The album tries to ask, how do you find a balance between your own inner world and the harsh realities you’re faced with everyday? You don’t have to write songs to understand what it feels like to see a huge gaping chasm between the world you want to live in, and the world you experience every morning when your alarm clock sounds. You could say ‘Escapism’ is our attempt at building a bridge to cross that distance between who we are and who we imagine ourselves to be.”

IN TRANSITION (2012) – A single by TEHI

“Our minds are in a permanent state of flux.  Yes, music has to die… but does it have to be so final?”