The Only Way Out is Through


So, the tricky second album…

It has been a long time coming, but we’re finally nearing the completion of the second TEHI album, ‘The Only Way Out is Through’.

Here’s a video I dug up from the first day of song writing. I quite often video myself playing just so that I don’t forget guitar chords and melodies. While of less interest to the general public it does give a taster of one of the tunes from the album. Which tune, and it’s place in the order of the universe will one day become apparent. Until then, take the scraps we offer.


June? June?!? 2014????

Wow, the last update on the progress of our second album – the follow up to Escapism – was a long time ago. A loooooong time ago. Shockingly long! Anyway, I sit here typing on my phone, getting over the early exit from the World Cup, and I think to myself ‘I must update the site’. But with what? Well, ‘anything’ is the answer I suppose!

No, the album is coming on incredibly well. Bill and I are excited about unleashing it… but we’ve still got some way to go. When you finally hear it you’ll understand why it’s taken so long. Hopefully.

So, on that positive note I’ll leave you all to it. I have a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with my name on it.

Spoilers (ribbit)

One of the tracks on our upcoming album is built around the sound this frog makes. I thought it was a pretty unique instrument, but turns out it’s just a form of guiro. Still, it’s not a run-of-the-mill instrument to base a song upon. We’re still working on the new album but the pieces are beginning to fall into place. It’s going to be a classic, ‘listen with headphones in a darkened room’ album. If ‘the album’ is indeed in its dying throes, as reported in the news this week, then ‘The Only Way Out is Through’ is going to be delivered kicking and screaming. In any case, The Eleventh Hour Initiative is currently committed to the album as a means to deliver music. When you hear the new one you’ll understand why the music we’re making needs to be made the way we’re making it. Until then, try and imagine some music alongside the sound of the frog’s back being stroked and his head being stoved in.

The Wooden Frog


We’re using some strange instruments on the new album. My favorite is the wooden frog!

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Progress Report #1

Well, it has been a fair while since we’ve published any ‘News’ on our site.  We are currently beavering away on the second TEHI album.  We have already spilled the beans on the name “The Only Way Out is Through“, but we are remaining tight-lipped on the content!  I just wanted to say that, so far, we are really pleased with the progress we are making.  The music is sounding sublime, and Bill is excelling himself with the lyrics.  While it is a cliche to say things are a journey (“He’s been on a journey!” – when he’s just spent a few days in the Big Brother house, or sold a few milkshakes on the Apprentice) … this album will be a journey.  Believe me.  Believe us.


Feast For The Eyes

We’re excited to have our music featured in a promo for the great Noyes Museum in Oceanside, NJ


Happy New Year!!!

Thanks to all TEHI fans wherever you may be!  Here’s to 2013!!!  (It’s gonna be a good year!)

From Shipwreck to Shore

Can a song ever be too pirate-y?

Can a song ever be too pirate-y?