The Only Way Out is Through

Our new home!!!

Okay… a pretty momentous occasion people!  This site is the new place to be.  The latest go-to address for the hipsters out there.  The www that will top all wwws.

Seriously, this is the new Eleventh Hour Initiative website.  Those of you who have already clicked this far may well be familiar with us but I would still like to write an introductory post for those of you who have strayed here by accident!

First things first.  The music is and always will be the most important concern of the Eleventh Hour Initiative.  It is therefore my proud honour to direct you straight to the content of our forthcoming debut album which you should see laid out in all its glory below.  I suggest you give it a listen.  These songs are shaping up to form an album that is really hitting the mark.  I have a rough press of the album in the car at the moment and it is shocking me with its vitality and genuine fresh spirit.  🙂

The Eleventh Hour Initiative is a collaboration between two musicians, one on each side of the Atlantic.  Based in England we have Emrys and it is Emrys about whom I shall speak first.  Okay, my name’s Emrys.  I am the producer of the band.  I am also responsible for the visual output and therefore this website.  I will be the primary voice of this website… but I shall make sure I involve Bill every step of the way and I hope to be able to publish a piece from him whenever he feels he has something to say.  This is OUR website.  So far we have been extremely tight when it comes to musical choices and I’m sure our combined opinion and expression will continue via this website.  If anything this site will give us a stronger voice than ever before and will allow us to punch through the sea of mediocrity and smash our debut album into the mire of apathy with full force! 😉

Bill and I came together over the internet a year ago and pretty much formed the band there and then.  We had so much in common that we just had to make our combined voice heard.  The special factor is that despite all we have in common there are also those differences that give our music the edge.  There are things that he does that I would never dream of doing and vice versa.  We are not just two artists in collaboration.  We are a band.  We have a group spirit.  We are not just two people working together.  We have a collective ambition that drives us forward and inspires us to produce the very best music that we possibly can.  I hope your initial listen to the forthcoming album has energised you enough to our cause to make you bookmark this site.  You will have to return.  We have only just begun!!!

Anyway… as I was saying… My name is Emrys and I have written the majority of the music for this album.  Which leads me perfectly into my introduction of Bill.  Bill is based in New Jersey and is responsible for most of the lyrics on the album.  He also sings those lyrics and is therefore the main contender for the role of “lead singer”.  This has been an organic process and, certainly for this debut album, it has been the case that we work best with me laying down the land of the song musically – and Bill then washing over the music with the ocean of his words.  It has been, for me, the perfect process so far.  The very best case scenario.  I think we are accomplishing something very special – a concise, specific, rounded collection of songs.  I acknowledge we live in an age where the digital download single reigns supreme.  However I believe we have created the perfect album for this age.  We have the spirit of ‘the album’ in our veins.  We are producing music for people who appreciate Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips etc etc ad infinitum.  I’m not saying that you can’t just download a song from us that you like.  I’m simply pointing out that we are all about the whole.  Our debut album has an almost ‘concept’ scope.  The title will be “Escapism” and every song will paint a layer of the bigger picture.  Each tune will put another brick in a wall that eventually tells the story of our lives.  I would like Bill to wax lyrical regarding the themes of escapism that run through the entire album.   See… you gotta keep coming back to this site!!!

In the meantime… well… I just wanted to say a personal hello.  Music can be so impersonal.  There really is no need for it to be that way.  The Eleventh Hour Initiative is here to stay.  Tell your friends!  Tell anyone that you think would be up for a little ‘pushing things forward’.

And remember… our debut album has not yet been released.  By reading this site now you are getting a sneak preview.  I hope you stay on board for the whole journey!

Your thoughts?

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