The Only Way Out is Through

June? June?!? 2014????

Wow, the last update on the progress of our second album – the follow up to Escapism – was a long time ago. A loooooong time ago. Shockingly long! Anyway, I sit here typing on my phone, getting over the early exit from the World Cup, and I think to myself ‘I must update the site’. But with what? Well, ‘anything’ is the answer I suppose!

No, the album is coming on incredibly well. Bill and I are excited about unleashing it… but we’ve still got some way to go. When you finally hear it you’ll understand why it’s taken so long. Hopefully.

So, on that positive note I’ll leave you all to it. I have a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with my name on it.

Your thoughts?

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