The Only Way Out is Through

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Spoilers (ribbit)

One of the tracks on our upcoming album is built around the sound this frog makes. I thought it was a pretty unique instrument, but turns out it’s just a form of guiro. Still, it’s not a run-of-the-mill instrument to base a song upon. We’re still working on the new album but the pieces are beginning to fall into place. It’s going to be a classic, ‘listen with headphones in a darkened room’ album. If ‘the album’ is indeed in its dying throes, as reported in the news this week, then ‘The Only Way Out is Through’ is going to be delivered kicking and screaming. In any case, The Eleventh Hour Initiative is currently committed to the album as a means to deliver music. When you hear the new one you’ll understand why the music we’re making needs to be made the way we’re making it. Until then, try and imagine some music alongside the sound of the frog’s back being stroked and his head being stoved in.