The Only Way Out is Through




Happy New Year!!!

Thanks to all TEHI fans wherever you may be!  Here’s to 2013!!!  (It’s gonna be a good year!)

“Hello” from New York City #3

From Shipwreck to Shore

Can a song ever be too pirate-y?

Can a song ever be too pirate-y?

Escapism is available on CD!

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Eye of the Tiger

I would so love to be one of those people who can truly ‘do’ an accent.  You know?  Really pull it off.  Unfortunately I struggle.  I’m reasonably confident with my own accent… but my inability to get into the mindset of someone from a different locale really hinders my impression work.  I bang on about this a lot… but I suggest you watch a BBC series called ‘The Trip’ if you haven’t already.  In any case… I have now called upon my partner in Eleventh Hour crime, Mr Bill Ryan, to give me some lessons.  Here are the early results:

(perhaps pour yourself a strong drink now!)

Back to Nature

Bill has serious talent when it comes to making beauty come to life in your head.  He has an innate ability to place vivid imagery directly into your subconscious mind – a master of words and emotions… expressions leading to pictures that will stay with you forever.  … and Emrys can scratch good tree.